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I realized my dream of starting a small business by graduating school, pursuing vocational excellence, having great mentors, obtained my general contractors license and worked hard. I want all New Mexicans to have the same opportunity whether they choose a college path or are career ready through vocational training or workforce solutions.”


I am New Mexico for New Mexico

A New Mexico native, Josh was born in Belen in 1981 and resides in a rural farming community south of the city. He graduated Belen High School and contributed on the family farm while still finding time to prove himself as a varsity wrestler.

After graduation, Joshua brought his technical experience from the farm to RMCI construction, then the Middle Grande Conservancy District, where he served our community for 15 years. Eventually, Joshua started his own business:

Throughout his life and his career, Joshua has learned what it takes to serve others, bring people together, and achieve what’s best for everyone involved. As a leader, he takes pride in preserving our farming culture, protecting our local resources, and leaning on the integrity it takes to do the job right.

With your help, he knows we can build a stronger New Mexico.



Joshua will restore a business-friendly environment. strengthen our economy, and rebuild prosperity.


Joshua will work for the right balance of federal, state, and local investments in our communities.


Joshua will work with locals to reclaim our neighborhoods by organizing and uniting against crime.

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Interview Date: 5/7/20