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“I realized my dream of starting a small business by graduating school, pursuing vocational excellence, having great mentors, obtaining my general contractor's license, and working hard. As a Republican, I champion individual initiative and entrepreneurship. I aim to provide opportunities for all New Mexicans, whether through college or vocational training. Let's unite to preserve our values for future generations."


I am New Mexico for New Mexico

In the heart of New Mexico, where the spirit of community runs deep, stands a beacon of progress and commitment: Senator Joshua A Sanchez. His dedication to serving the community has resulted in transformative achievements, notably in education, infrastructure, and public safety.

Senator Sanchez’s advocacy and funding initiatives have revitalized learning environments, upgraded infrastructure, and ensured public safety through various projects and support for law enforcement and first responders. His legislative efforts have addressed pressing needs, including food safety, outdoor youth programs, and healthcare infrastructure.

Notable accomplishments include sponsoring bills to improve meat inspections and securing funding for a $50 million hospital facility in Valencia County. Senator Sanchez’s legacy is one of vision, leadership, and unwavering dedication to the people he serves, laying the foundation for a brighter, more prosperous future for New Mexico.




Joshua will spearhead a community-wide initiative, rallying neighborhoods to reclaim our streets and unite against crime.


Joshua will foster a business-friendly environment, reigniting economic growth and ushering in a new era of prosperity.


Joshua will champion a strategic alliance, ensuring optimal allocation of resources from federal, state, and local levels to revitalize our communities.

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Interview Date: 05/07/2020